How to Watch Paw Patrol Without Cable (2023 Streaming Guide) (2024)

Paw Patrol is currently in its 9th season, and you can watch up to Season 7 on Paramount+. Nick Jr. and Nickelodeon are the two channels where you will find full episodes of Paw Patrol.

You can watch the new movie, “Paw Patrol: All Hands on Deck” without cable on Nickelodeon.

Where to Watch Paw Patrol: Streaming Guide

Being able to watch Paw Patrol isn’t that tough if you’re ready tocut the cordfrom cable TV.

But you have a lot of choices if your little ones want to watch every mission that the pups from Adventure Bay undertake. The popular group of rescue pups Chase, Marshall, Skye, Tracker, Rocky, Rubble, Zuma along with Ryder traverse the land of both live TV and streaming services.

  • Paramount+
  • Hulu Live TV
  • Sling TV
  • fubo
  • YouTube TV

PAW Patrol: The Movie

Paramount+hasPAW Patrol: The Movie.It also currently has Season 1 through Season 7 of the Paw Patrol TV series.

This on-demand streaming service is a streaming hub for TV shows from BET, CBS, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon and the Smithsonian Channel. It also has a small roster of original series, including spin offs from the “Star Trek” franchise and “The Good Fight”.

Paramount Plus have added more than 1,000 movies to its library this year. A subscription costs $4.99 per month after afree 7-day trial.

How to Watch Paw Patrol

There are two advantages to using a streaming service for watching Paw Patrol compared to cable.

Streaming services have no contracts, so you can just sign up for a month, or even cancel before a free trial ends. If you use a streaming service long term, it’s much cheaper than a cable TV subscription.

You just need aninternetconnection and a Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast or Android TV device to start watching on your TV.

You can pick up a free trial from Philo, Sling TV or fuboTV to watch Paw Patrol live on Nick Jr.


Paramount+ is the most affordable way to watch most seasons of Paw Patrol and a number of Paw Patrol movies and specials.

The streaming service costs $4.99 per month following a 7-day free trial. It has on-demand hit movies such as “Top Gun: Maverick”, and Paramount+ Originals including “Mayor of Kingstown.”

There are new, on-demand series from CBS, Nickelodeon, MTV, BET, Comedy Central and Smithsonian Channel.

Some of the specials available on Paramount Plus include: Paw Patrol: The Movie, Paw Patrol Mighty Pups, Catpack, Paw Patrol Jet Rescue, Paw Patrol Ready Race Rescue, Paw Patrol Live! At Home, and Feeling Faces.


DIRECTV STREAM (formerly AT&T TV) has Nickelodeon for the latest episodes of Paw Patrol.

The Entertainment plan has more than 75 live TV channels, and unlimited Cloud DVR storage for $74.99 per month. You can watch on unlimited screens within your home.

You can sign up for a5-day free trialwithout any obligations. New subscribers can get $10 off for the first three months of service.

Subscribers can get three months of HBO Max, Showtime, Cinemax and MGM+ (formerly EPIX) for free before the monthly rates kick in.

A&E, CNN, ESPN, and HGTV are included in the channel lineup. You get unlimited Cloud DVR storage and 40,000 on-demand movies and shows. You can watch live TV on an unlimited number of screens within your home.

DIRECTV STREAM works on Roku, Android TV, Fire TV devices, Apple TV and smartphones and tablets. You can watch live TV and on-demand content on iPads and iPhones that have current iOS.

Subscriptions run month to month and so you can cancel whenever you want.You can look over the different channel lineups before deciding whether to sign up.

Hulu Live TV

Hulu Live TVhas more than 75 live TV channels, including ESPN, A&E, History, TBS, and TNT.

Bravo, Comedy Central,Nickelodeon,Paramount Network, Telemundo andUSA Networkare among the entertainment channels on Hulu.

You can watch live TV on up to two screens at once. Subscribers get more than just live TV channels to watch. You’ll also have full access to ESPN+, Disney+ and Hulu’s on-demand library.

Hulu with Live TV comes with unlimited Cloud DVR so you can record sports, news, movies or whatever else you want.

A subscription costs $69.99 per month.

Hulu’s channel lineup also has local NBC, ABC and FOX stations across the U.S. You canlook over the channel lineupof Hulu with Live TV to see if it’s a good fit.

Sling TV

Sling TV has Nickelodeon in both of its main channel bundles.

Sling Orange has 31 channels, including ESPN, A&E and Nickelodeon for $40 per month.

The Sling Blue bundle has 45+ channels for $40 per month. AMC, Bravo, CNN, FX, Nick Jr., NFL Network and Travel Channel are part of Sling TV’sBlue channel bundle.

Local ABC, NBC and FOX stations are also available to Sling Blue subscribers in some markets. You get 50 hours of Cloud DVR with any subscription.

Sling Orange subscribers can watch TV on one screen at a time. With Sling Blue, you can stream TV on three screens at once.

You can get $10 off for the first month of service when you sign up.

There are a number of add-on channel bundles too. The Kids Extra bundle costs $6 per month and includes Nicktoons, TeenNick, Boomerang, BabyTV and DuckTV.

Sling TV works on every major streaming device including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and Android TV devices.

You cancheck the latest offerSling TV is making to new and returning customers. There are no contracts. Subscriptions run month to month.


fubo (formerly fuboTV) is a full-on replacement for cable with more than 152 live TV channels.

For kids channels, there’s Disney Channel, Disney Jr., Nickelodeon, and Nick Jr.

There’s a huge variety of sports up for grabs on ESPN, ESPN2 and NFL Network. There are local ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX stations in most parts of the country. A&E, History, HGTV and Hallmark channels are included in the basic fubo bundle.

You can record full episodes of TV shows or movies with 1,000 hours of Cloud DVR. fubo also has a robust library of on-demand movies and TV shows. Subscribers can activate more than 40 TV Everywhere apps, including the Nick app.

fuboTV works on Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast, Xbox One, iPads, iPhone and Android smartphones.

A subscription costs $74.99 per month. You can look over thechannel lineupto see what local and regional sports networks are in your area.

New subscribers can sign up for afree 7-day trial. So you can watch Paw Patrol and a bunch of other shows on Nick Jr. free for a week. Just be sure to cancel before the trial ends if you don’t want to get billed.

YouTube TV

YouTube TV has 128 channels, including Nickelodeon, Nick Jr. and Nicktoons for $72.99 per month.

The YouTube TV base plan has entertainment and sports channels that are on cable packages.

ESPN, TNT, TBS, SEC Network, ACC Network, ESPNews, FS1, FS2, and NFL Network are among the sports channels.

Unlimited Cloud DVR is included with a subscription. And you can create up to 6 profiles for a household per account.

The service works with Chromecast, Roku, Fire TV, NVIDIA Shield TV, Apple TV and Chromecast. Try outYouTube TV free for a week.

Is Paw Patrol on Amazon Prime?

Paw Patrol is not included in an Amazon Prime subscription. But you canadd a subscription to Nogginfor $5.99 per month through Amazon Channels.

If you’re already paying for Amazon Prime, adding a Noggin subscription is a cheap way to get full access to Paw Patrol.

Noggin will appear within your Amazon Prime app. Much like with other streaming services, there is no contract or long term commitment.

Is Paw Patrol free on YouTube?

Paw Patrol does have an officialYouTube channelwith lots of short video clips, but you won’t find full episodes for free. Instead, YouTube will sell you access to a full episode or season.

Is Paw Patrol on Netflix?

No, you won’t find Paw Patrol on Netflix or Hulu. Nick Jr. and Nickelodeon have old and newer episodes on TV. The other option is to subscribe to the streaming service Noggin.

Is Paw Patrol on Disney Plus?

No. Paramount has the rights for individual episodes, specials and movies involving Paw Patrol. So if you want to watch the band of heroic pups and the antics of Mayor Humdinger, you can subscribe to Paramount+.

What’s the best way to watch Paw Patrol without cable?

Paramount+ has Season 1 through Season 7 of Paw Patrol, along with a number of one-off specials and the Paw Patrol movie. A subscription is $4.99 per month, after you sign up for afree 7-day trial.

For the latest episodes beyond season 7,Philois the best deal for watching Paw Patrol without cable. For $25 per month, you’re able to live stream Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. Philo has more than 60 live TV channels such as AMC, A&E and HGTV.

Philo has an on-demand library of kids shows such though channels such as Nick Jr., Discover Family, Nicktoons, Nickelodeon, Teennick.

Look over thechannel lineupto help decide where you want to get Paw Patrol episodes. Philo has afree 7-day trialthat you can sign up for in less than a minute.

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How to Watch Paw Patrol Without Cable (2023 Streaming Guide) (2024)
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