How To Watch 'Hit Man' Starring Glen Powell in Theaters (2024)

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Director, producer, and screenwriter Richard Linklater has a consistently incredible filmography, whether it's his gorgeous Before trilogy, the bombastic comedy/musical School of Rock, or the award-darling Boyhood. When it comes to the latest Linklater release, millions of eyes are always fixed. This would once again be the case when his latest outing, Hit Man, premiered at the 2023 Toronto International Film Festival.

Receiving almighty praise, including from Collider's own Ross Bonaime who described it as a "hilarious, sexy gem", the movie would go on to become the biggest purchase of TIFF 2023, with Netflix paying a healthy $20 million for the distribution rights. In the subsequent months, as time ticked away before fans could finally sit and indulge in Linklater's latest project, plenty of first-look trailers, promotional images, and even an exclusive clip were released. This marketing led to an almighty buzz that has stayed consistent right through until the movie's debut. With that in mind, and with its arrival in the world now right around the corner, here is exactly how you can watch and stream Hit Man.

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Hit Man




Inspired by an unbelievable true story, a strait-laced professor discovers his hidden talent as a fake hit man. He meets his match in a client who steals his heart and ignites a powder keg of deception, delight, and mixed-up identities.

Release Date
June 7, 2024

Richard Linklater
Glen Powell , Adria Arjona , Austin Amelio , Retta , Molly Bernard , Mike Markoff

113 minutes

Main Genre
Romantic Comedy
Richard Linklater , Glen Powell

Aggregate Films , AGC Studios , BarnStorm Productions , Detour Filmproduction


When Is the Release Date for 'Hit Man'?

How To Watch 'Hit Man' Starring Glen Powell in Theaters (2)

Hit Man will debut in select theaters across North America on May 24, 2024. This date is a big day for US moviegoers, with both the latest installment in one of modern cinema's best-loved franchises, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, and Mark Dindal's The Garfield Movie also releasing on May 24.

Is 'Hit Man' in Theaters?

How To Watch 'Hit Man' Starring Glen Powell in Theaters (3)

Despite being purchased by Netflix, Hit Man will first face the big screen, receiving a limited theatrical release across the US. This format is nothing new for Netflix, with the likes of Martin Scorsese's The Irishman, David Fincher's The Killer, and Bradley Cooper's Maestro, all given the same treatment.

Find Showtimes for 'Hit Man'

How To Watch 'Hit Man' Starring Glen Powell in Theaters (4)

To help you find the perfect place to purchase your Hit Man tickets, here are some handy links.

Will 'Hit Man' Be on Streaming?

How To Watch 'Hit Man' Starring Glen Powell in Theaters (5)

If you're not a fan of going to the theater, fear not, as Hit Man will be heading to streaming following its limited theatrical release. On June 7, Hit Man will exclusively land on Netflix, joining the great list of other content already on the platform, as well as the highly anticipated second part of Bridgerton's third season just 6 days later.

For fans of Glen Powell, a subscription to Netflix has lately been a must. There's also the Shakespeare-inspired romantic-comedy Anyone But You, in which Powell starred alongside Sydney Sweeney, which officially landed on the streamer on April 23. Other Glen Powell titles on Netflix include Set It Up, Sand Castle, Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, The Guernsey Literary & Potato Pie Society, and Richard Linklater's Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood.

For those without a subscription who will need one in time to see Powell's chiseled jawline meet the beautiful Adria Arjona, here is a handy guide to Netflix's subscription options.



Subscription Costs

Standard with ads

  • 1080p resolution
  • Ability to stream on two devices
  • Ad breaks

$6.99 per month

Standard (ad-free)

  • Access to Netflix's full catalog
  • Ability to stream on two devices at once
  • Full HD 1080p streaming
  • Ability to download up to 30 select titles
  • No Ads

$15.49 per month


  • Access to Netflix's full catalog
  • Ability to stream on two devices at once
  • 4k + HDR streaming
  • Ability to download up to thirty select titles
  • No Ads

$22.99 per month

Sign-up for Netflix

Watch the Trailer for 'Hit Man'

Set to the tune of Santa Esmeralda's cover of "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood," a terrifically apt choice for this movie, the most recent Hit Man trailer was released in April and can be watched above. Showcasing both Powell and Arjona with frightening amounts of chemistry, this trailer oozes the style and sophistication that comes with the hitman fantasy, but also the slice of comedy that is Gary Johnson's real life.

What Is 'Hit Man' About?

An official synopsis for Hit Man reads:

"Oscar-nominated director Richard Linklater’s sunlit neo-noir stars Glen Powell as strait-laced professor Gary Johnson, who moonlights as a fake hit man for the New Orleans Police Department. Preternaturally gifted at inhabiting different guises and personalities to catch hapless people hoping to bump off their enemies, Gary descends into morally dubious territory when he finds himself attracted to one of those potential criminals, a beautiful young woman named Madison (Adria Arjona). As Madison falls for one of Gary’s hit man personas — the mysteriously sexy Ron — their steamy affair sets off a chain reaction of play acting, deception, and escalating stakes. Co-written by Linklater and Powell and inspired by an unbelievable true story, Hit Man is a cleverly existential comedy about identity."

In an interview with Collider, director Linklater discussed the movie's plot and how it is somewhat of an unconventional film compared to his back catalog. He said:

"Yeah, this one was kind of different for me, if anyone wants to look too closely. It's a little more plotty, there's twists and turns, and I felt like, “I'm in a genre here. I'm trying to deliver in the film noir genre and the screwball comedy.” This is very plotty, and it turns, and we're manipulating the audience, so they have to be oriented in a certain way. So, it's not my usual flow, but I mean, that was the fun challenge."

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How To Watch 'Hit Man' Starring Glen Powell in Theaters (2024)
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